Стратегия покера книг

Первый том, в который входит информация по стратегии турнирной игры, написан для начинающих.

Книги о покере: скачать лучшие издания для начинающих и опытных

Книга довольно проста в понимании, имеет ясное и точное изложение рекомендаций, которые непременно помогут выйти вашей игре на новую ступень. С какой книжки стоит начать обучение? Если вы уже далеко не новичок в игре в покер, то вы могли видеть такие тактические стратегии покера книг, когда игроки ставят all-in на пре-флопе при елках блайндах. В ней много глубокой стратегии покера книг, но все удобно структурировано, поэтому легко усваивается даже стратегиями покера книг.

Вы с легкостью найдете книгу на свой вкус. Мы предлагаем качественные уроки покера, занятия в группах и индивидуально. Их уважает покерное сообщество. Книга написана по принципу от простого к сложному, поэтому с ней справится даже начинающий игрок. Мы не предлагаем купить книги о покере, но дадим ссылки на бесплатные фрагменты если такие имеются и официальные страницы продажи.

Для новичков Чтобы сохранить желание учиться дальше, новичок должен встретиться с бережным учителем. Книга Склански — это фундамент.

Книги по покеру. Скачать книги по онлайн покеру БЕСПЛАТНО!

А показывать стабильные результаты сложно, но в этом поможет стратегия покера книг и профессиональный подход. Кто-то предпочитает читать таких гуру покерной литературы, как Брансон, Харрингтон и Склански, кому-то помогли более новые книги, например, «Бьем микролимиты» Уильямса или «Разрываем онлайн-СНГ» Джонса, а кто-то смог иначе посмотреть на игру и заметно улучшить результаты прислушавшись к советам стратегий покера книг по покерной математике и психологии.

Игра на низких ставках, по мнению авторов материала, — это не борьба за звание самого хитрого, но борьба за самого твердого, логичного и интеллектуально способного игрока. Пособие Павла не только о построении банкролла — оно еще и о пути выхода из болота микролимитов.

10 лучших книг по покеру для начинающих игроков |

Ее особенность заключается в том, что писатель не пытается навязать свой стиль стратегии покера книг, а подсказывает, как разработать собственный. Так, например, если игрок имеет хорошие стратегии покера книг, то и ставки делает сразу высокие и, наоборот, при слабых комбинациях — ставки маленькие.

Для этого просто перейдите на страницу книги и нажмите кнопку скачать возле нужного вам формата.

Стратегия покера книг

117 thoughts on “Стратегия покера книг

  1. You are the best Jonathan ,thank you for all good things what are you saying 🤙🤙🤙

  2. I think egregious may be the most popular word in poker commentary.

  3. JOnathan Little is the man! Wish i knew about all his content sooner!

  4. Good tutorial. But most often when u flop a good hand, if you value bet small on turn , more ppl will reach there(draw or 2 pair) on river. Become a headache in online poker for me. Any suggestions?

  5. maybe 3/1000 people at 1/2 would fold to a river jam with this board.

  6. In the T9 flush hand, what is the percentage you would fold if your opponent jam on the river?

  7. Its crazy in November I won about 8 tourneys and ranked 17 in pokerstars. Ever since I have gone straight downhill losing couple thousand. Told myself its time to study my wife wants to kill me.. wish I could get one on one training..I know they say online poker isnt rigged. But dam. Every single tourney I played this month. I lost every single one with QQ and lost to someone having AQ. Similar hands every time

  8. 19:00 your VPIP & YOUR opponents VPIP give you best clues towards your image & your opponents. If they or you have a low VPIP no raise. Id say minimum one of the two players must have higher than average VPIP while the remaining player has average or above= raise.

  9. Are you as good at cash games as you think you are? Find out with this short quiz! Cash Game IQ Quiz:

    1. Neel,
      I agree no river, no fish. Get em out and take it down when your out of position. If your in position and the draws are not on the board and the preflop action dictates his range is limited as compared to the board, and your stack (and your emotional esteem) then string him a long. Assuming he is a straightforward player and he didn’t check his aces pre-flop or something. It’s safe to say, you don’t know the table for the first hour, you won’t know most of the individual players until the 7-10th hand played.

    2. Bs quiz 🙂 I am always good at cashgames until i fuck it up lol, not objective however something else that is more important, I dont agree with you to value bet and wanting your opponent to call always… Its always better to take down a smaller pot rather than to risk still losing the hand/pot. Your opponent can easily upgrade his hand, if not they wouldnt have called in the 1st place, you gotta make em pay to see the turn or river, I like that approach much more. Its same with question if you bet when you got a lower pair on the flop, considering its not HU. I always bet, cuz if you dont you can lose the hand later on by opponents that make a hand.

  10. when we play x stakes, is our minimum target 10 BB per hour profit? is that considered good or no?

  11. 59:29
    When you calculate the pot odds you said 150/479.
    Shouldnt you divide the amount you have to call divided by the total pot ?
    150/ 629 = 24% equity ?

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  13. Great stuff. I check back far too often on the river. I will watch this video many times. thank you for the content.

  14. the first hand we should bet bet bet but then at 27:00 you say we should not always be betting KJ same spot as the first hand right?

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  16. what if you live in maryland and only can play online at global poker where every 11 hands you flop a set vs quads

  17. video about small stakes cash games mean while pot in a single game JUST ONLY $499.90

  18. Is it okay to fold T9 on turn? (In the second situation that is shown). Pot odds don’t match the equity I guess.

  19. Great lessons. All of your videos are informative and helpful. Keep up the good work!

  20. Hi Jonathan, can you explain with which hands to call a 3 bet and and which to 4 bet? Sometimes I 4bet and get 5 beted by some loose players 😀

  21. What Poker Sites to you recommend for USA players to play where you can the most fish?

  22. i deal with most of the people re raising out of fear, to make you fold and sometimes is hard for a player to guess when they bluff or when they not..how to deal with those players.

  23. Hi. Im struggling with bet sizing, so this is a real help for me. Im old enough to remember Sklansky dollars, if that gives you some context, and that concept leads me to my issue.

    First example, on the turn. Hero has Ks9h on button, board is Kh Th 5c 6c and you have us bet 14 into 31 pot. My concern is that if my opponent is on a flush draw, then he is barely making a mistake to call. Im giving him 45-to-14 and hell think he is getting 9-to-37 odds to hit his flush. Since we have the 9h we know it is a little worse, 8-to-35. Either way, a flush draw does not have immediate pot odds to draw. However, he has some implied odds if he hits it, because were exploitable if we always check-fold any time the flush gets there.

    If he has any sort of combo draw — say the 7h 8h, or the Ahxh (combo because all aces are good for him) — then he not only has pot odds to draw, but he still has the implied odds.

    The Sklansky dollars approach says that my profit comes from my opponent making mathematical mistakes if all the hands were known. If my bet is small enough that he is correct to call, then hes making the profit, not me.

    So I guess that youre saying that the smaller mistake that he makes by calling a smaller bet with the weak kings and strong tens makes up for the my loss of profit when he has good draws. Perhaps also your point is that I lose less when he raises and I have to lay it down.

    My counter to these:
    1. I dont really think that players at this level decide whether or not to call with their marginal hands based on bet size. They decide if theyre going to bluff catch or not, and the amount is a minor concern in that decision, especially between half-pot vs. two-thirds, which is my usual target, here.
    2. If Im betting larger, I can afford to bluff more often. I do try to hover near or a little below Nash equilibrium for overall bluffing percentage, but I actually vary it significantly based on whom I am betting against. For the calling stations, I hardly ever bluff, and against the better players I over-bluff a bit. When the better players catch me, its fine because the advertisement benefit I get with the calling stations pays off, I think.
    3. On the last point, above, that I save money when I lay down to a raise, I think that a bigger bet means that I can lay it down more confidently. If they raise to a smaller bet, I have to call some percentage of those or Im exploitable. With a bigger bet, I see the raise less often. Unlike my point #1, I think that they do take the size into consideration fairly often when deciding whether or not to raise.

    Anyway, this was my thinking in keeping my bet size generally around 2/3 pot on the turn. I do this with my entire range that I raise with. I suspect, however, that I might be leaving some value on the table, because I do tend to polarize perhaps more than I should — I dont go for thin value bets that much. This one would be the thinnest I usually would go for, and I probably would check behind on the river (as you recommend against).

    As always, any comments about where my thinking is incorrect would be very much appreciated.

  24. He called with QT, because:
    Nobody folds a Queen ♥️♠️♣️♦️😎

  25. I dont agree with value betting a weak king on three streets. Not at all

  26. wow i learnt so much thank you ive cashed three days in a row but im not doin that good cus i just realised im the player on my phone gotta focus more an take more notes i had 77 an i shoved 17 big blinds tonite pre with 4 people to act would anyone else shove 17 big blinds with 77? i had a blind read just was semi bluffin

  27. thanks for the examples , great content as usual. BTW I use your ranges for cash games AND your tournament ranges and i think they really are well thought. thanks justGTO for me, I loved his content !

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  29. Great videos but you need to talk slower. I think you talk a bit too fast. I put your videos at .90x-.95x speed and that speed is ideal

  30. I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists.

  31. In that flush example hand: how are you calculating your equity with made hands…so in this case, ten high flush. Obviously we can calculate the pot odds and wed always want equity percentage to be higher than pot odds percentages for +EV plays so in this case, it was the flush draw and gut shot so about 12 outs but Im just a little confused about how to calculate our equity on made hands?

  32. I always seem to go through same scenario so many times.. I be in 1st place most of the tourney and then rite before the money i get a great premium hand like ex.QQ,KK,AA and get crushed by a very bs hand.. its happened to me so many times that I literally just sit out till the money

  33. Can you make a video while playing live so that we come to know about some suitations and strategies of playing .. Love from india… Struggling to become pro

  34. I would have just all in on that flush LMAO.

    No way he raised all the way because of flush.

    And if he had flush he would have bet even more.

  35. Good learning material for poker students. Lots of your videos are really informative.

  36. Lets create a WhatsApp group to discuss Cash Game hands. What do you guys think?

  37. fairly high stakes online cash games- you better TRY to play gto, the 10 would be the better bluff i guess tho

  38. Hey guys im new to poker been playing for the last 3 weeks or so and studying as much as I can ive got some footage of me winning a 18 player microstakes poker tourney. I think my calling range was pretty loose but not sure, I could sure use help in the comments to see what im doing right and wrong thanks for listening guys.

  39. Hello, I was wondering what your thoughs are on small-medium pocket pairs? 8 8 to 2 2. Should you call big pre-flops bets with these hands to see the flop?

  40. Great vid. I just signed up at the coaching site recently and am catching up on some of these youtube vids as well. Glad to have found you!

  41. 8:00 this stuff is just great, same theory with bluffing preflop holding suited conectors.

  42. Very nice job Jonathan, for non Internet cash game strategy check out new book Perfect Poker at Amazon

  43. I simply dont trust most poker coaches the reason being they are selling coaching yet have never reached the heights of poker, never been highstakes etc

  44. I only played live cash 3 times, when I was first learning poker. I lost but only a little. I did well for a newbie. Here I am, many months later, and I know my game has improved. I am also working through your Cash Game Masterclass, which is great. However, I am getting crushed on the PokerBros app. Do you know anything about this app? People are very splashy and very LAG. Ive had the worst bad beats. It has hurt my confidence and wallet. Do you think if I stink on PokerBros I will stink LIVE? lol any advice. hope you see this. I know you must be busy.

    1. Scott M BRO. Live poker is the only way to truly train yourself. When the person is in front of you, you can read them unlike online when you can only rely on betting patterns.

  45. in the hand played around the 20 min mark in the video, calling Q9s is very much pushing it.. vast majority of players would be better of to give up the button in such marginal spots

  46. Really enjoyed the explanation on when to bluff and when not to bluff based on range advantage.

  47. I have seen a few of your videos and they are really good but in the end I still think what makes the difference is still instict so it doesnt matter how good you get at poker. In the end instict make a difference and of course luck 🙂

    1. @Jonathan Little — Poker Coaching After playing for almost 20 years now thats who I trust the most. Best Regards from Germany

    2. Instinct is developed by studying strategy or playing a ton.

  48. Love the free content that Jonathan posts. This one was very informational.

  49. 4:23 He would be check-rasing because of the six? That is some high level tomfoolery.

  50. Just learning some poker strategy and am enjoying your videos! I wanted to say that I love that in the title card youre wearing the Animal Spirits t-shirt that was from the Planet Money Kickstarter campaign. Ive never seen another one out in the wild! Cheers!

  51. 0:47lol habe gerade Freispiele gefunden allstock.live/free-spins-bonus.php

  52. they make mistakes because they bet when they should and fold when they should? lol, if they play good poker they make mistakes. of course they do . pop into a 25 nl game which is close to micro in your mind and see how bad they play, make a video even foir you tube

  53. These courses are invaluable! Thank you JL for your clear & concise manner. I can’t personally thank you enough. I have joined the poker coaching premium website based on how much value I received from your available content. God bless your efforts.

  54. On a scale from 1 to 10, you You deserve Million subscribers million views 1,000,000 likes

  55. For the demostration at the 22 minute mark, is it not better to raise your opponent? Since if he folds, you will still win his 150 either way and it will even better because he/other players wont get to see your cards

    1. You do not especially care if your opponents get to see your cards.

  56. lol, after the 1st hand…my opponent always has 3,4 hearts..and i pay it off…lesson on that??

    1. Put in more volume. Dont overplay marginal made hands. Dont worry about short term variance.

  57. doesnt have a queen because queen ten and queen nine is in our hand right over my head

  58. Hey Jonathan, I really need help with my poker game. Im getting crushed left and right. Last 2 nights I got pocket Ks on the button with a little over 100 bb blinds on 5/10 game I bet 60 on button sb called. Then bb raised to 160 sb n I called. Flop A97, sb check bb bet 240, sb n I called. Turn J. SB lead out with 700 and bb fold, I called and then river J . I called with my remaining chips. SB called with straight. Another time on SB with KK and I still get devasted with BB when flop Axx….damn I need super help.

  59. 22:22 Id argue a raise still. UTG is out of position and triple barels. Range is TPTK, trips, or a higher flush thats being blocked. Id donk bet a flush bluff and hope for AA, KK, JJ, AKo, KJ, 44 instead of worry about Q+xs.
    You called wih T9s. Were behind the entire time, hit your draw and flat called. Whats the point in waiting for a draw if youre not gonna raise when you hit?

  60. Havent watched the video yet, but I have to say the quiz opt-in is way more clever (and probably simpler) than the typical Free Guide to XYZ opt-in. Sound marketing play right there.

  61. Where do you guys play mid-stakes online cash games? Im looking at poker stars and theres barely any games?

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