Покер старс для мобильных

Последний год мобильные приложения делают покеру старс для мобильных на количество, а не качество: судя по обзорам кэш-трафика, далеко позади остаются даже PokerStars.

С официального сайта PokerStars. Поскольку в официальном магазине Google Play Play Store можно найти только мобильный клиент «Красной Пики» для игры на условные деньги, скачивать установочный файл для Android нужно: С официального сайта PokerStarsSochi.

PokerStars LITE — это мобильное приложение, которое позволяет Вам играть в онлайн-покер на бесплатные фишки с покерами старс для мобильных реальных игроков. В таком приложении просто отсутствует касса. Загрузить клиент также можно и в App Store. Нажмите кнопку «Загрузить и играть сейчас» для того чтобы загрузить ПокерСтарс на Андроид.

Как загрузить мобильный клиент PokerStars в — руководство по установке

Главное лобби мобильного клиента PokerStars На главной странице приложения вы найдёте: Основное меню, кнопка вызова которого находится слева вверху. Следуйте нашей небольшой инструкции и приложение PokerStars для Android будет установлено на ваш покер старс для мобильных всего через пару минут.

Более того, игра возможно не только на одном, но до четырёх столов одновременно, так что скучать не придётся! Дождитесь установки приложения PokerStars Android на ваше мобильное устройство и нажмите кнопку «Открыть». Можно настроить покеры старс для мобильных столов и депозитов, а также отдохнуть от игры. Рум регулярно проводит отборочные турниры и разыгрывает среди игроков пакеты участников включая билет на Главное событие, проживание и оплату дорогии вы можете пройти отбор в Сочи прямо со своего мобильного устройства!

С этого момента вы можете играть.

Покер Старс на телефон: скачать бесплатно PokerStars Mobile на деньги

Также в мобильном клиенте оперативно появляются новые форматы игры. И даже на них игра не самая комфортная, из-за необходимости переключаться между столами. Чтобы скачать Покер Старс с кассой на Андроид, посетите официальный сайт pokerstars. Удалите программу с вашего устройства, если у вас Андроид — вместе с покером старс для мобильных.

Самый обширный пункт «Настройки и инструменты» позволяет установить общие настройки клиента: язык русский, конечно, естьчасовой пояс, галочку скрытия от поиска, время бездействия, после которого вас отключат, включить всплывающие сообщения и уведомления, автоконвертацию валют.

Покер старс для мобильных

87 thoughts on “Покер старс для мобильных

  1. I just had my PokerStars account frozen, I made a deposit, made some money, and now that I requested a withdrawal theyve blocked me, I cant access my account neither my money, this is beyond absurd, be careful with PokerStars, everybody, I do not recommend this website.

    1. @Poliglota Online no one can get used to riverstars but there are other corporations that are infinitely worse just evil. I have dry days but all it takes is one good run. Anyone can win at poker as long as u dont play everyday for 10 hours. So yea i hope your issue gets the appropriate resolution because i would also feel very scammed.

    2. @MegaLqlq its funny that you took the time to give me a long reply in order to help me, and still you said dont cry in random videos, well, Im trying to fix my situation and in the meantime Im gonna cry on the internet to warn people about this shit company, if in the end I can make, say, 5 people change their mind Im more than happy with the result, still they are a billinaire company, so maybe they dont gaf, well, neither do I

    3. Hmm Ive defiantly lost more than i earned on pokerstars but the issue might be in the withdrawal policy for your specific country. There are a number of reasons that they can decide to block the account but its not like you are unable to log in to it. Ive withdrawn from 100 to 300$ usd mostly so i am not sure how it goes for highrollers let say something like 10k+ withdraw…. so just document it instead of crying in comment section of random videos. At worst u can contact your bank and get your deposited money back 100% of the time. They are unable to deny that request and your account will be frozen if you do this and the cash will be -100 or w/e the chargeback your bank issued and will remain that way until u contact support.

      So yea if u want your money go to your bank and tell them fake transactions 100% will return your money however your winnings kaput cuz its not a deposit transaction.

  2. Sick 🙂 if you dont mind me asking how long did it take for all of theese? Cheers for sharing

    1. @Pi Jay 1976 🤦🏻‍♂️ lmfao dude… i bet you also still believe in Snow White, Cinderella and Santa Clause. Gtfo
      Do you even know how much money 16 Mio Dollars is ?

    2. @Pi Jay 1976 Hes obviously joking…He didnt lose on average half a million every day for a month…extremely unlikely ..who has 16 million to play??bill gates etc

    3. @Poker Pool OMG…is it a small money [ $16M ] to you? i hope so. im hardly recovering from loosing just $5 k in last month. i just gave up playing on pokerstars to earn money..because its unable to earn and keep money in your hand for a longtime by playing poker in this site. i had given up playing poker to earn money. but started to play again after losing my job due to covid 19 pandemic. i played very seriously and carefully. but the way i lost all games are very bad beats. when checking the loosing hands , i cant emagine that the opponent player must not be a human. wow $16 million for playing poker. you are too not a human. god bless you mate.

    4. @Pi Jay 1976 Im a loser and dumb lost $16 million to earn 9k
      I dont even know where is the withdraw button

    5. ​@Daniel Strand unfortunately I dont know exactly I played 12-16 hours a day

  3. Dont believe This, had 9 silver Chests.. All together maybe 400 coins and 1 free roll Ticket 😀

    1. @Poker Pool I struggle putting in the hours when it comes to playing poker … u have any advice in that purpose?

    2. Im the biggest loser on PokerStars ever. I dont even know where is the withdraw button 😢

  4. So the black chests never gives you anything else than coins and points? I didnt see one cash prize or one ticket?? But I have to admit its pretty cool being able to buy all these juicy rebates! Can you cash out these rebates or you need to play that rebate money?


  6. Im new to poker so frankly i dont even know whats going on, have any of u checked out. Magic 612? If u play on pokerstars i strongly urge u to look into it, magic 612.

    1. worthless shit. I got something after few but later nothing, it was a promotion I cant remember the details.

  7. what Tabels do you Play the most?, i want to grind chest to ,thx for upload 🙂

  8. Does this Jewish slot machine still have rakeback? 😏

    1. @daniel couture Yeah, I am. I don’t know how you didn’t hear about me 😛
      Really man I am unable to deposit and Inwould like to play few games for fun. I will send anybody money who can transfer me to my stars account 😁

    2. @365dayseverything 365dayseverything lemme know if you want $100 instead I think your the greatest poker player in the world just let me know champ

    3. I was playing on pokerstars few years ago and now in my country I am unable to deposit. Please can someone send me $10 or more as a gift or I can transfer to you to neteller or skrill as a nongambling money. My nick is ‘ eee_moster ‘on pokerstars

    4. Bobby bro can U send me something please? 5/10$?

      My poker star Nick: vbabah4ze
      Heh that be rly cool

  9. Oh just to clarify why this is bullshit, these chests cost around $58000 worth of tournaments to unlock if you were playing spin and gos. So that is around 1100 spin and gos at $50 level.

  10. tem como me ajudar com alguns starscoin? qualquer coisa que eu ganhar no deal divido tudo com vc vai que eu ganho no jackpot meu id no pokerstars é valdinei120 eu sei que nao tenho condiçoens de te ajudar mais tarde porque eu nao tenho a grana que vc tem mais se eu ganhar no jackpot deal eu divido tudo com vc pode ser?

  11. you must change one letter of your youtube name… i cant emagine how much u lost to earn this reward

  12. The fact that they introduced luck into rake back is beyond scummy. GG to the guy though 💪

  13. Im sorry but there is no way this is yours, you state that it took you a month to collect this amount of chests which I highly doubt even the biggest of cash game high rollers make. Also I didnt watch the whole video but there was a lot of chest that only had the same things come out of them and I know from experience you get cash rewards, tournament tickets etc etc. Would of been a cooler video had you showcased where you made these chests, how much rakeback it cost etc etc.
    I would just like to add this type of VIP scheme that got introduced to Stars just shows how far it has fallen after being sold from the original owner when it had the best VIP system in the world at the time.

  14. Thank u for sharing bud !

    Hope u will answer 2 questions =)

    Just wondering about those Damage Points, what value they give?

    Also wonder if u did the math on how much avg rake back % u got ?

    Guess I can do the math myself, knowing how much rake it takes for 1 black chest and devide on ur total points for 100 chests.. But dont know these Damagae points !

    Keep it up ! 😀 😀


  16. I was playing on pokerstars few years ago and now in my country I am unable to deposit. Please can someone send me $10 or more as a gift or I can transfer to you to neteller or skrill as a nongambling money. My nick is ‘ eee_moster ‘on pokerstars

  17. How much do you actually play to get these? I dont play on Pokerstars but I do use them for sports bet and I reckon Id have to stake £40 million in bets to get this many chests

  18. Can some one send mee 1k for no reason on my pokerstars?? Sebsef is my name from Greece

  19. Интересно, сколько времени и средств понадобилось собрать столько ящиков )

  20. how the fuck do you have so many chest?! my next black chest is in 335,000 points… i play PLO 100+ and it will take a long time to reach this

  21. My PokerStars nick: vbabah4ze

    Can someone send something please? I never had more than 100$..

  22. Did u just sit here and open approx 8800 or so worth of coins lmao ..wowzers the hrs..and prob eqauls 5 percent rake back ..but her sell em their coins back be happy with so.thing I guess lol ..cool video dude

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