Покер комбинации по старшинству техас

Например, пара десяток бьет нашу комбинацию. Завершает тройку минимальных комбинаций в покере Техасский Холдем.

Комбинации в покере (Техасский Холдем)

Изучение карточных формаций и правил призвано привести любого игрока к базовому уровню, позволяющему играть за столом или компьютерным терминалом. Равные комбинации Мы рассмотрели все комбинации покера Техасский Холдем Texas Holdem на фото по старшинству, научились определять выигрышные покерные руки, узнали правила составления.

Открывает три средних по силе комбинации в покере комбинации по старшинству техас Холдем. Если два или более игроков собрали по две одинаковые пары, то учитывается ценность пятой карты. В некоторых ситуациях, имея Флеш, следует опасаться, что у соперника он старше.

Урок №4: Комбинации Техасского Холдема

Двойка Система проста, основных десять покерных комбинаций в покере складываются пятью картами. Наш пример показывает стрит до валета. Например, в раздаче участвует два игрока, включая. Сравниваются Пятерка и Семерка, и второй участник игры забирает банк. Стрит Для составления Стрита понадобится использовать сразу пять карт и нужно, чтобы их покер комбинации по старшинству техас образовал непрерывный порядок, а масть не совпадала.

Второму покеристу не повезло — у него замыкает порядок Десятка, а у его оппонента есть Король. Роял Флеш — это, по сути, обычный флеш пять карт одной маститолько от десятки до туза. Закрепить полученные знания о комбинациях покера вы можете с помощью нашей игры.

Покер комбинации по старшинству техас

111 thoughts on “Покер комбинации по старшинству техас

  1. I’ve been on countless trips to the poker table and I’ve had like 10-20 Royal flush draws like a k q j without the 10. Only hit a straight flush once and I folded it preflop since it was 6/7 suited against 3 all ins in a tournament.

    So seeing someone hit the royal flush card on the River is all the more believable.

    1. i have, i’ve also seen poker videos that emphasize the point in much less time. waste. of. time.

    2. Yes. Once. I had it at a card house in Rancho Cordova, CA. Same picture. Beat set of Kings. Best hand of my playing days. Had the worst hand just before it—that same day. Dealer put out river before I could act. First card she dealt would have made me a winner of a $500+ pot. Floor person told her to bury the card, shuffle and deal the river again. I went from flush to nothing. I won an $800 jackpot with the royal, right after that ugly hand, getting my Christmas money back plus a few dollars.

    3. Playing Omaha Xmas eve with in-laws and my BiL and I keep raising against each other on a heart filled board
      He had the straight flush and couldnt figure out why I kept raising
      In the end it was cuz I had the Royal Flush
      Great game!

  2. I feel like these commentators are higher than I am right now Lmmfao
    The business end of something is the part of it that gets the job done
    Business end of a gun is the barrel, business end of knife would be the blade or the point

  3. 14 1/2 min for one hand of poker its like playing with my brothers kids.

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    1. Pokerstars is all show and fake, germany almost banning them, german authoroties got em

  5. Holy crap, I wish they all lost and the roof came down. Fuck. Dont call

  6. Guy with a royal flush calling the clock on a major all in..
    I would have just basked in the glory of having the absolute nuts and watched the guy contemplating a call sweat it out..
    Had to have been nice

  7. The asshat that keeps shuffling his chips would drive me nuts or at least make me wear earplugs

  8. I would go allin if i flop top set. Slow play kills you sometimes.

  9. Wats the right winning order between the suits.. Spades diamond. Hearts.. Clubs?????????????

  10. 2:49 Commentator 1: Monsieur Tedeschi
    Commentator 2 about the word Mister/Sir in French: I think its Paul Tedeschi, actually. Seems thats a very common French name though, Monsieur
    Later in thr clip…
    13:21 Commentator 1 about a Royal Flush …for what is gonna be the best hand almost always

    Are these guys trolls or are they for real?

  11. I not played a heap of poker but did see a Royal flush one night when playing and I remember noting when the guy had it, it was not a big pot like this and in fact was one of smallest pots around the time I was playing. Which was an insight that you do no need to have the most magical hands to win more money, you just got to make the most of the hands you do get. I remember winning a few hands with more money and nowhere near a Royal flush so made a mental note never to be seduced by how the cards come out but more by the situations at hand.
    That was stiff on the guy with three Queens. It can happen though. Poker is such a fun and fascinating game, where anything can happen.

  12. The commentators saying we dont want to here that etc when the players were talking was kind of annoying.

  13. If i was a professional poker plater & i got knocked out with a royal flush i would retire on the spot

  14. Honestly I just expected the comments to be full of discussion about where the term business end comes from

  15. Never thought Id say this, but WPT is so much more entertaining considering they show you what cards the players are holding.

  16. Best hand almost always? In was scenario do you not win with a royal flush?

  17. Tedeschi should have done the stop and go and tilted the other player by making him fold the royal flush 👍

  18. Awful play by Tedeschi. Check-raise the flop all-in. But hes short-stacked so why not C-bet the flop.

    1. No not always, if youre playing with jokers you can make 5 of a kind with AAAAJ

  19. Can someone explain to me why there are 2 different versions of commentary on this but it’s the same people and it confuses me. One video they didn’t see the hand then freaked out and the other they saw right away and knew so I’m just confused

  20. Picture Caption PERFECT Royal Flush

    What exactly is an imperfect royal flush?

  21. It took the commentators 10 minutes to figure out that a royal flush was even possible.

  22. Only reason he went all in with Qs was because of his low stack, any stupid player would know what the other dude have

  23. Just for the record, the probability of having a royal flush is 1 in 649,739.
    which is 0.000154%.

  24. Ok Ive paused here at 10:29, and this is the problem with online boneheads and really just bad players. They are thinking about their hand and looking at the table instead of their f****n opponent — pullin these ridiculous body language moves and that bluff you off a chop comment. In fact, by doing this MacAllister is trying to get him to fold. Then gets mad when he folds 5 minutes later when he just dont wanna give away the tell. No matter what their all amateurs. What am I doing sitting here?

    1. Also this video is horrible. You have no clue who each person is, the commentators are talking over the players and with .3 seconds left a player asks him what he had and they cut the damn thing off. Well done

  25. What means in 12:40: I’ll give you 2 Minutes and then I’ll call the clock???

  26. Useless video. I do not get televised hands that you dont see. There is zero point to this. I dont give a hell how they play unless I see the hand ahead of time. This clip could be 1 minute and the same point Could be had. I also truly dislike the commentators

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  28. 7:32 what a great poker face when you just realized that you have a royal flush after a player went all-in pre-river. I would not be able to hide that whatsoever.

  29. I guess I learned something new today.
    A royal flush is almost always the best hand. Im so stupid because I thought a Royal flush was always the best hand.

    1. It is always the best hand. They were talking about the set of queens when they said that.

  30. IMO if McAllister didn’t say he was gonna stop the time I think he would’ve called

  31. The unwieldy spleen internally skip because crowd concomitantly decide apud a needless community. gorgeous, near preface

  32. Ban that cap player
    Overthinking wasting time n fold😑
    Irritating looks

  33. ワイルドカードも無しでロイヤルストレートフラッシュが出来るのはエグい

  34. Forgive me for being an amateur but how did they know it could be only hearts or clubs?

    1. They wouldnt have bet that much before the river without the flush draw.

  35. The poker player in me is butthurt at this. 3 way pot and dude called a 252k all in with k high and a player behind him. Donk ass.

  36. Why is the commentator saying that the hand is disgusting ???? I mean he said it twice !!!!

  37. I made a royal playing online. The only one of a long poker life. There was a showdown, and no-one commented in the chat box. Ho hum.

  38. Based on his standing up and pain about his decision which is a sign of a weak inexperienced player. I believe he had two pair at best.

  39. I was begging for that Scottish guy to STFU. how is the floor guy not getting that idiot out of there

  40. Best hand almost always?!?! Lol Id like to see what can beat that hand lol

  41. would been fun if rabah was one with royal flush and just slowroll for 10 minutes

  42. trash video! all the poker video shows us the cards in their hands… not this one…

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